Tone Generator TGM for Siren/Loudspeaker AWD100

Тип товара: Notification devices (ru)
Модель: TGM

Tone Generator TGM for Siren/Loudspeaker AWD100 is a lightweight, solid-state, compact, easy-to-install, easy-to-use, tone generator of advanced design. It can accept up to 3 tone selection commands from control cabinet, each tone has different priority over another and can be selected through 32 programmed tones using dip switches. Up to 3 unique and distinctive tones can be added to the pre-configured standard tones. Moreover, it is an easy expandable system providing the capability to increase the number of the output channels.


  • Rack Tone Generator Module
  • Table Tone Generator Plus


Innovative Features:

  • 18 different tones generated, selectable
  • 3 standard tones for fire-gas explosive toxic gas
  • 3 tones activation input channels with priority levels, each of them with its own selectable tone
  • 8 output channels with their own enabling/disabling inputs
  • Output channels can be expanded using a master-slave chain. Slave module output tone generation can be synchronized with the master module using SYNC contact provided
  • A selectable external tone can be added and driven together with the self-generated tone (for example it allows the connection of a microphone for speaking over the tone)
  • Selectable tone/pre-recorded messages
  • Adjustable gain
  • Loudspeaker operating conditions monitoring capability with load current adjustment
  • Fault indicator

Easy installation on standard DIN rail-table-EExd Enclosure