Siren/Loudspeaker AWD100

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Tipo dei prodotti: Notification devices (it)
Modello: AWD100
Codice d'ordinazione:

The AWP 100 has been designed to meet International and European Standard to assure good acoustical warning in noisy industrial plants. The most powerful Acoustical Driver has been employed along with a modern state of the art electronic to assure the highest sound and diffusion reliable device.

The AWD 100 Siren/Loudspeaker is complete with terminal boards for power supply connection and for Audio Input Signal in accordance with the tone generator specs. The built in amplifier offer excellent sound transmission as well as voice for live messages.

Special Features

  • Generates the sound up to 129dB@1mt., so you have a possibility to install a lower quantity of sirens for requested distance;
  • 3 available models:
    100W – 129dB@1mt.
    50W – 123dB@1mt.
    25W – 117dB@1mt.
  • Works also as a loudspeaker with live streaming;
  • Could be integrated with the Tone Generator;
  • 3 selectable tones from 32 available;
  • For every type of alarm you can select the type of tone and save an MP3-sound message with the instructions;
  • Volume adjusting;
  • Possibility to integrate 8 sirens in one system and to control them (volume, activation) with 1 tone generator;
  • Possibility to choose which siren of the system should be activated